Social Media is a tool. How we use it defines us.

16 Aug

“Discovering my personal brand”

This week’s task for SCM501 is about having a personal [online] brand.

I’ll try to address the following items but I can’t guarantee I’ll succeed in explaining it all in one blog post! After all, having a personal brand, online or offline,  is a life-long process, takes maturity and experience, and I don’t think it’s really possible to say “This is my mantra” but we’re more likely to hear “Ah, that must be his/her mantra”. In other words, it has to be earned.

  • explain  what your ‘mantra’ is,
  • how you decided on it
  • what else you need to do to be comfortable with your ‘brand’ and
  • how you might use your blog to start taking control of it.

The mantra

On my About page I attempt to highlight the purpose of my blog by saying:

Educational Technology is part of the picture but the pedagogy leads the way.

Learning should be fun, teaching must seem effortless!


But, does that mean anything? How is it portrayed? What do the readers understand from it? (I’d greatly appreciate any feedback by the way :-))

And most importantly, does it attract attention from people who ‘believe what I believe’? If you wish to dive deeper into that concept, have a look at the talk by Simon Sinek 00 If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business


The Decision

I can’t remember when I exactly decided on this ‘mantra’ but I’ve always looked for ways to learn languages, preferably the less painful ways! The only thing I’ve discovered along the way, and this is a completely personal view, the more languages you learn, the easier it gets to learn another language! I’m sure you can see the irony though…how do you learn one language to make it easier to learn another one? In other words, it doesn’t offer ways to learn languages more easily as you still have to learn a language to begin with. I’d like to highlight at this point that, when I first started learning another language, there was no such thing as the Internet, let alone Social Media!


The Brand

What else do i need to do to be comfortable with my brand? I’d like to read other blog posts on similar values. I’d like to interact with people, and exchange ideas on how to achieve it [learning languages]. I’d like to start conversations,preferably in different languages, with people who are finding different ways to learn languages with ease. It can’t be that hard, with endless opportunities on the Internet….


The Control

Communicate, collaborate and create – the 3 C’s of the 21st century education. How can I use my blog to start taking control of it? I’m working on it – watch this space 😉


3 Responses to “Social Media is a tool. How we use it defines us.”

  1. nanashypeicki Turnbull August 22, 2014 at 11:29 pm #

    I love your theme Belma, it works really well and somehow feels like it suits you, or you own it 😉

    • kiwibelma August 24, 2014 at 12:30 pm #

      Thanks nanashypeicki! I love your name!

      • nanashype September 2, 2014 at 8:29 pm #

        Oh dear, oh dear I’m Icki now instead of Nicki lol very funny

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