Participation in a Tweethethon for #gigatownnsn

23 Oct

This is one of the most recent tweethethons I hosted for #gigatownnsn and it was a ball! Probably because over 8 people were in it for the whole duration. There was a prize too, kindly donated by the FLiT team from NMIT. Here’s the link to the Storify site.

The community of Gigatown Nelson is certainly growing, which in turn energises everyone else involved in the initiative. I wonder what will happen to the community, depending on the results of the competition. Are we likely to get really depressed, if we miss out on the ultimate prize? Will we get carried away with a win result & turn all our energy towards ‘ourselves’ the me factor?

Somehow, I believe the outcome will be a positive one, regardless of whichever town wins. One can’t build friendships and develop relationships, over such a long time (12 months to be exact) only to diminish & disappear quitely. Only happens with bots 🙂

We’ve developed trust, respect and integrity by working together for a common goal. We learnt about each other – backgrounds, workplaces, families, sickness, and health… Sounds like a marriage made in heaven, doesn’t it?

I can only think of 1 or 2 other competing towns that may have something remotely close to what we have built in #gigatownnsn. I think they’ll be jealous of that (not to mention the lifestyle we all live in!).

The outcome is already a positive one for me, and for all those completing the quiz, referring friends and family to the site to sign up, organising events, asking businesses to sponsor the cause, making that extra tweet, publishing that 1 extra post on FB, and more to come with Instagram too! The list just goes on.

We’re the envy of any Project Management team!!! Vibrant, full of energy, self-sufficient, full of initiative – we just do it! Nike might have come up with the original motto, but we’ve shown, and are still showing, the world how it is done!

For that, I’m proud, and feel extremely privileged to rub shoulders with such talented, savvy and sophisticated individuals. Thanks to Chorus for creating this environment to bring us all together.

We have effectively won the competition, afaic!



One Response to “Participation in a Tweethethon for #gigatownnsn”

  1. nanashype October 23, 2014 at 9:57 pm #

    Well said ‘here here’!

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